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We do:


2018 | Liana Narimanova beauty studio
Development of a new site for the makeup and beauty studio "Liana Narimanova beauty studio".
2018 | Kraft Man
Brand development and website development for Kraft Man
2018 | Bnei Elohim - base page
Design for based page BneiElohim s.r.o.
2018 | New Creation
Art project presentation
2018 | Hotel am Rathaus
Created design & programming website for "Hotel am Rathaus".
2018 | R.O.S. automobile
Website for the company R.O.S. automobile GmbH

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How we work:

Acquaintance and briefing

Get acquainted, get to know details.

Based on our conversation, we compose briefing (document with the description of task, preferences, desires).

Statement of work and website estimation

Then we create statement of work, approve it together with You and then we make  estimation of the website.

Investigation and prototyping

Carry out the analysis of Your business and your competitors.

Compose rough prototype of the future website.

Fashion website structure and interaction scenarios.

Website design development

Based on technical specification unique design is being developed for introduction of Your business on the Internet.

Сoding and programming

After the design develop and approval we go to the next stage of coding and programming of developed and approved website.

Approval, publication

Finished work is uploaded on hosting and is sent to You.

As you accept the web-site we issue it under Your domain name.

Let's discuss the project

Thank you, your application has been successfully sent, we will contact you in the near future.